Can I swim with lashes? - Yes you can! After the initial dry period you can swim with lashes. We encourage rinsing the lashes daily and cleaning them with out ‘Daily - Lash + face cleanser’ which we sell in our salon. You can also surf & swim in the ocean with lashes.

How long do the lashes last? - It all depends how well you take care of them at home and how quickly your natural lashes shed. But normally the lashes last anywhere from 2-4 weeks as full set. But can last up to 8 weeks but not as a full set. We recommend getting infills every 2-3 weeks to maintain the set you have.

Do people fall asleep? - Yes! We encourage you to relax and have a little nap during the lash application.

I wear contacts lenses, can I get lashes? - Yes! That is fine! as long as you use saline solution after the lash application. Anything else can dilute the lash glue making the lashes not last as long. You can wear your contacts during the lash application appointment if you wish.

Can I get infills after 4 weeks if I still have lashes remaining? - No, after 4 weeks is a new sets again as lashes grow out and get twisted. So despite having some lashes remaining which is great! It will be a new set. We can remove what is left and start again for you.

Do you have parking? - We have street parking available. Some times in Summer you may need to do a few laps around the block to find a park. This is normal as it is Bondi after all. But generally our clients can find a park out the front of the salon. On weekends and hot summer days, please allow extra time to find a park. We are also conveniently located right by a bus terminal.

Do you wear mascara with the extensions? - No, please don’t wear mascara. You want need to but it will also clump and defeat the purpose of getting lash extensions. Mascara can also dilute the glue causing the lash to not last as long.

How long does it take? - It all depends on what set you get. The thicker the set you book in for the longer it will take. But normally for a ‘natural’ full set is approximately 60mins. A Half set can take from 30-45mins. If you are after more of a fuller look these can take from 1-3+hrs. Basically the longer the lash session the thicker the lashes will be.

Do you have pictures and examples? - We do! on our instagram @bondilashes @bondilashes_portfolio - and also here on our website. Please keep in mind that lashes look different on each person due to the amount of natural lashes they have and face and eye shapes.

Can I bring my kids? - As it is a very specialised and difficult service that requires quite a bit of concentration we would prefer no children or babies come along with you. Your eyes will be closed and we are working to a time limit so having to continuously stop to check on your children will cut into your appointment time. If you have not option but to bring your children then please ensure they are well behaved and not coming over and bumping the bed where we will be lashing you as this is a safety hazard as well. Thank you for understanding.

Do you do Brows? - Yes we do! We do Henna Brows, regular tint, waxing, threading and even add in a lip wax while you’re here!

What is Classic lashes? - Classic is called ‘classic’ because this was the very first technique of lashing. ‘Classic’ is simply 1 extension carefully placed onto 1 of your natural lashes. ‘Classic’ extensions are 0.15mm in thickness. At your appointment you can choose which curl you’d prefer along with the length.

What is Hybird lashes? - Hybird lashes are called ‘Hybird’ because they are a mix between a classic set of lash extensions and a volume (Russian volume) set. ... They can also be a great way to achieve a staggered look. Using half ‘classic’ extensions and half ‘russian/volume’ fans.

What is Russian/Volume lashes? - Volume lashes are hand made fans. Thats right! We carefully hand make tiny little lash extension fans before placing them onto one of your natural lashes. This creates a ‘volume’ effect. Also known as the ‘Russian’ technique. The fans are anywhere between 2D - 10D. At Bondi lashes we have different grades of ‘Russian/Volume’ lash sets. Natural is 2D-4D, Glam is 3D-6D, Ultra Glam is 4D-8D & Mega Glam is 5D-10D. Selecting the natural version of a ‘Russian/Volume’ isn’t going to be ‘too fake’ as people like to say. In fact the ‘Natural - Full set’ is our most popular natural set of lashes. Russian/volume fans are made by using 0.07mm extensions.

What Curl and Length should I get? - The curl and length will be determined on the day of your appointment.

Is it a different price for the different curls and lengths? - No, curls and lengths aren’t charged differently. But if you would like more thickness then it will be an added cost. The thicker you go the price increases as more lashes are used and more time is spent applying more lashes for more thickness.

What is a half set? - A half set is using half as many lashes as a full set.

SIDE NOTE: If you are after thinker lashes you may want to choose - Russian/volume: Glam - Ultra Glam or Mega Glam. If you are after “Natural” We really do suggest a full “Natural” set of Russian/volume! - Don’t let the wording of “Russian/volume” scare you! - It is simply the technique! Russian/volume can be NATURAL as well as GLAM here at Bondi Lashes!

Do you lash the lower lashes? - No, always just the top lash line

I’m nervous! - Don’t be nervous at alllll! It’s so relaxing and you wont feel a thing. We play relaxing music and you will be comfortable laying with or without a blanket (its up to you) in our hygienic, air-conditioned salon. We encourage you to relax and take a little nap. There is nothing to be nervous about. We are professional and caring.